Sharing Our Voice

Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw GatheringPurpose: Reach out and consult with three key cultural groups on VI by hosting three traditional gatherings; commit a designated representative to participate in Hub activities with VIHA; closing report of output and outcome measures; outreach strategy for VI, and; increase awareness of VICCIFN on VI.

Highlights: Events and activities  focused on building relationships around food and food initiatives; facilitated the sharing of knowledge or skills; provided a culturally safe and community directed learning environment; focused on Indigenous foods, land, culture, and teaching; provided hands on learning activities; highlight a successful community program; Provided a support network for food champions; Linked people to VICCIFN and its activities; Create a base of community programs to share at the Indigenous Foods Conference.

See our Final Report Here:

Sharing Our Voices – Report and Recommendations for VIHA – it is large and may take a minute.


As a result of the Sharing our Voices report recommendations, the Island Health (VIHA) Food Security Program will be providing financial support for VICCIFN to work with the regional Food Security Hubs to have events across Vancouver Island.  Using the teaching of ‘Setting the Table’ to create events that focus on sharing food, food skills, knowledge transfer and building relationships, our goal is to create an opportunity for the modern food security movement to collaborate with the vast Indigenous knowledge on the Island.