Plant Cards

Pacific Northwest Coastal Plant Knowledge Cards highlight 65 edible and medicinal plants from the Pacific Northwest coastal region. The cards include beautiful photographs and descriptions to help identify plants, names of the plants in three different Indigenous languages, including SENCOTEN, Hul’q’umi’num, and Dididaht. The cards were inspired by Feasting for Change: Reconnecting Food, Land & Culture where Elders and Knowledge Keepers led plant walks and discussions about edible and medicinal plants

Pacific Northwest Plant Knowledge Cards

Each card describes traditional uses and ways of harvesting each plant, featuring seasonal indicators and a legend to help quickly identify uses of each plant.

Bring Pacific Northwest Coastal Plant Knowledge Cards out on walks to help identify plants, their uses, and keep the old ways strong. Please use these cards as an inspiration to talk to an Elder or Knowledge Keeper.

Each deck is $35 and profits from sales of the cards benefit VICCIFN. Shipping is extra. We are accepting cheques, e-transfers, and paypal. Please contact Jen McMullen to order the cards.

knowledge cards spread out on a table