Knowledge Basket

Two disc DVD: Knowledge Basket

Feasting for Change was an ongoing project inspired by the wonderful knowledge of traditional food practices among First Nations community members. Over 5 years we hosted 41 events reaching over 5,000 people on Vancouver Island.

We set the table with traditional foods and invited communities to come together to feast, share and learn. Each event centered around the food and people who could share and learn from each other. We learned about how to cook crab, how to do a pit cook we went on many nature walks and drank tea made with plants from our walks and so much more.

We created a Knowledge Basket – a two-disc DVD set that includes the tools and resources which have been useful for communities in hosting their own “Feasting for Change” events.

2 disc set for feasting
Knowledge Basket cover

The 2 disc resource includes the tools and resources to support communities in hosting their own feast:

  • Planning checklist
  • How to do a Pit Cook
  • List of food and knowledge books
  • Slide show highlighting foods and knowledge transfer
  • Digital Story
  • Invitations
  • Community food assessments through games and draw prizes
  • Community asset mapping through BINGO

All 51 First Nations communities on Vancouver Island have been gifted with a Knowledge Basket. This resource can be accessed by contacting us and all funds will support VICCIFN hands on events. Each resource costs $25.