School Group

Grade 3/4 class from Quadra Elementary School loved participating!

Youth eating large purple sea urchins as part of a youth fear factor

Fear Factor

Traditional Foods Fear Factor provided lots of entertainment for the crowd! In the preliminary rounds, people were challenged to eat sea urchins, octopus and cockles.… Read More »Fear Factor

Coast salish pit cook full of fish, clams, potatoes, root veggies

Opening the Pit

The two pits are opened for the feast! Vegetables in one, and seafood in the other. Gilakasla!

Joan Morris, Scow Bread

Joan Morris (Songhees) teaches everyone how to bake scow bread over the fire. She learned the recipe from her great-grandmother. Delicious!


“Pulling together” canoe journey


Sandy and Erik try raw oysters for the first time. “They’re not that bad!”

Cape Mudge, Day 2

Chief Ralph Dick welcomes two hundred people as they arrive for the beginning of Day Two of the 4th Indigenous Foods Conference.